Pet Hamster Toy Review – It Repeats What You Say (Mimicry Master)

All this started when I had to buy a birthday present for my kid. I wanted to give him anything that I could, but I kept thinking what is the best toy for my kid that could make him happy?

Is the talking pet hamster toys something that would be perfect for him?

I just had this idea that I can buy a hamster toy but didn’t know which one to buy for him. On the eve of his birthday, while I sat behind my computer to surf the web, I found what I thought was the perfect talking pet hamster for my kid, and that was the Pet Hamster toy.

There were some amazing options in front of me but If you are thinking of buying a beautiful present for your kid, here is the output of my research for you!

Pet Hamster

As a little, cute present, Pet Hamster is the perfect talking hamster toy you can give to your kid. Normally, you can buy it for kids of almost all ages.

But it's perfect for four-year-old kids and above. This little rabbit will repeat the exact words you or your kid speaks.  English, Spanish, French or any other language- with its critter voice, Fascinating right?  Pet  Hamster will imitate it within that moment. This is a more innovative way to keep your kid busy and excited. It will be a hilarious and fun gift for your little one.

While talking, this toy moves its head up and down a little bit. So, for your kid, it will be a little lively thing to have as a companion. At this age, you may not want to give him a real rabbit. This cute toy will do the job perfectly. It’s a little bit loud,

but most likely your kid will love it.

You must know the talking tom. We all are very used to it. But, the actual representation of it is the Pet  Hamster. It is not only a funny toy, but it’s also fluffy too. Your little kid will enjoy the comfortable touch of it. 

It is made of cotton therefore, you will find this toy super soft. It has so many different options. It can figure out the tone, volume, and other voice factors. So, with a different voice, it changes its voice pattern. It records and delivers sounds the way it is given.

The manufacturers of this product, Pet Hamster, are a very reputed and customer-centric company. So, their product has the exact things that are required for a particular age sector.

But, keep in mind that, to enjoy it properly you have to buy it from Even if it dances, the toy won’t fall. Besides, your child will get something to hear from the pet talking hamster plush toy in whatever language he/she talks. This pet hamster plush toy comes with a special battery and it doesn't come with the product is a 3xAAA Battery and make sure you don't use the alkaline batteries.

Note: no battery when shipped


 It will imitate all things, even your giggles, and smile too.

If you make a very normal sound it will answer you with a shaking head. It shakes its head while you will pat him. For your kid, you can think about something that much lovely and lively!

What do you need to know about the toys?

Every parent wants to ensure a couple of things in all the toys for their kids. These are-

Safety and Fun!

Pet  Hamster toys have so many qualities. But especially, these two! So, since you already know a lot about these toys. Things you need to know before buying any of them are,


As the hamster toys are fluffy, it can contain germs in it. So, before using it, for safety reason, wash it.

Allergy issue

Does your kid have any type of allergy? Before giving them a fluffy toy, let’s check it once. Otherwise, that will create more problem for them in the future.


So, there is some unavoidable question that most parents have in their mind as I had. Let’s know the answers-

1. How do these toys run?
– Most of the talking hamster toys work through the battery. Though, the battery that you have to use on them differ from one another.

2. Will, it hurt my kid?
– Of course not. All the talking hamster toys are made of cotton and very soft coverings. It won’t hurt your kid.

3. Does it know all the languages?

– These toys just imitate. It will imitate all the language and sounds that it will hear.

5. Is there any side effect of these toys?
– Of course not. But, for allergy issues, before buying it, you can check your kid and make the decision properly.



Ready to buy one of the most intelligent and talkative toys for your kid? I don’t know which one you have chosen. But, with the Pet  Hamster plush toy, your kid’s enjoyment will be doubled; that’s for sure!